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BTE's ER Functional Testing System

       With 30 years of technological innovations, BTE Technologies is widely regarded as the leading provider of advanced solutions for functional testing and injured worker assessment. BTE partners with clinics across the U.S. and Canada in an ever-growing network to meet the needs of industry and insurers. BTE has developed quality testing programs that provide effective injury prevention, workplace reintegration, and post-offer of employment testing.


     BTE offers programmatic services to Employers and Payers targeted at changing the cost experience of injuries and disabilities of workers.  These services address injury prevention, functional baseline, recovery tracking and return to work program solutions; all integrated in proprietary web-based software, linked to measurement technology.  Preventing absence due to injury and disability – and returning employees to safe work if an injury or disability occurs – is the structure of our services and the key to our clients’ success.


     This technology enables measurement of an individual’s function, capturing real-time measures of dynamic movement. Whether simulating a specific job, or understanding residual capacity following an illness or injury, the EvalTech™/ER™ delivers defensible precision in the evaluation of function.

Functional Capacity Evaluations
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